Involving a family member and a clinician in your decision-making

My partner will often ask me questions about the decisions I’m making, to clarify in my own head what’s going on. She wants to know that I’m clear about why I’m doing what I want to do.

If you would like to involve your family member/support person in your decision about how to manage your BPII, you may like to get them to complete the interactive exercises with you. If the person also uses the exercises, you may like to discuss each of your answers together.
This can help a family member/support person to share in the choice about treatment option/s to manage your BPII, so you can make the decision together.

I told my clinician exactly how I felt about gaining weight He listened to that and he told me why he suggested the medication he did. It was basically looking at the pros and the cons and seeing what you can do.

You may also like to go through these interactive exercises with your clinician. Once you have completed all the exercises, you can discuss your answers with the clinician. This can be a helpful conversation starter and way for you to share what is important to you and what matters to you with each of the treatment options.
After you discuss the pros and cons of options further, your clinician may make a recommendation that suits your values and preferences.