Peer attitudes towards of bipolar II disorder

People who have just been diagnosed with bipolar II disorder (BPII) often worry about what others will think about them having a serious mental health condition.

People worry most about how peers and close friends will react when they tell them about the diagnosis. For example, you might:

  • worry about losing close friends if you tell them about your BPII diagnosis
  • be angry or sad because you have lost close friends who you thought would support you
  • feel alone if close friends do not know how to support you.

People often react negatively to BPII because they do not know much about it.

When friends know more about the condition they are more likely to be supportive. You may wish to share the following information sections with your close friends:

Support and understanding from close friends can also help with your treatment and staying well. People with bipolar disorder who have strong support networks (including close friends) are more likely to take their medication and go to psychological treatments regularly, and are better able to manage their condition.