What information does this website include?

This website is designed to add to, but not replace, discussions that you will have with your psychiatrist, GP or psychologist and your family about the options available to you.

There is information about:

  • BPII and its symptoms
  • the treatments available
  • pros (benefits) and cons (risks/side effects) of each option
  • questions that you may like to ask your clinician
  • advice on how to make a decision that will best suit your values and goals
  • examples of how other people in similar situations have approached treatment decisions.

Reading a book

Depending on your individual needs and life situation, your clinician may not discuss all the options that appear in this booklet, or might discuss other options. This booklet is another resource you can use to ensure that you are making a decision that is right for you.

* The following sections contain a lot of information about treatment options and new terms. If you are finding it difficult to read all at once, it may helpful to come back and re-read it at another time. There is also a glossary of all bolded terms available here.