How effective will medication be for me?

Before trying any particular medication, it is impossible to know if it will be effective at preventing relapse for you as an individual. Instead, your clinician may talk to you about the general chances (or likelihood) of a certain outcome.


To give you an idea about how these likelihoods might be expressed, here are some familiar examples:

  • About 92 in 100 trains will run on time in Sydney.
  • About 80 in 100 people will lodge their tax returns to the Australian Tax Office on time.
  • About 60 in 100 overseas trips made by Australians are for holidays.
  • About 25 in 100 babies born in Australia today will live to be 100 years old.
  • In 40 years time, less than 11 in 100 people will live in areas outside the four major capital cities in Australia.
  • About 1-2 in 100 pregnant women in Australia will give birth to twins in any year.

Statistics information is about a group of people, not you as an individual. You may be asked to consider the statistics about a certain medication and the information about it before deciding to try it or not.