Summary table of ADVANTAGES and DISADVANTAGES of add-on psychological options

= Possible disadvantage that is serious and may involve stopping medication.
= Possible disadvantage that can be managed/tolerated.
= Possible advantage.
(Is the therapy widely available)
Highly accessible treatment. Limited number of meeting venues.
Cost/ affordability Up to 10 sessions covered by Medicare rebate, then full fees. Mostly affordable.
(Number of people who continue with and complete therapy)
84 in 100 people 73 in 100 people.
Flexible for your schedule Flexible for your schedule. Not flexible for individual schedules.
Focus on problem areas May not focus enough on broader issues. May not focus enough on individual issues.
Medication adherence (Will it help you stay on your prescribed medication?) Better adherence to medication. Better adherence to some medications only.
Privacy/ confidentiality Safeguarded by clinician-patient confidentiality. May be more limited due to group setting.
Tailored to individual’s needs Individually-tailored. May not fit individual needs and situation/life situation.
Time commitment 620 sessions of 1 hour over about 6 months. Up to 21 weekly sessions of about 1.5 hours over 6 months.